About the project

One's own body is a source of fascination for children and young people from an early age. How does it work? And is it the same for others? How do babies get into your belly? And how do they come out again? Children ask questions like these every day, and sometimes it's hard to come up with an appropriate answer. Providing good and reliable support for children on their way to adulthood, including in the area of sexual education, is not an easy task. Very few adults have learned to talk about topics such as the body, love, sexuality and identity.

In cooperation with experts and educators, we have prepared materials for you that we hope will help you with your child's sexual education in an age-appropriate and sensitive way. All materials are free of charge and the topics on body, love, sexuality and identity have been prepared for children in the age groups 4-6, 7-9 and 10-12 in an age-appropriate way.

This programme consists of a handbook for adults and an accompanying app for children. The handbook is aimed at parents, other guardians and educational professionals to help them provide high-quality sexual education at home or in everyday educational settings.

Some of the areas covered in the handbook are addressed in the app and presented in a child-friendly way. There are questions such as "Are there girl colours and boy colours?" or "Where do children come from?" Fun illustrations, animations and audio recordings enrich the app and make it particularly interesting for children - regardless of if they discover the questions themselves or with a caregiver.